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History of Lobbyist

Capital Hill We’ve all heard the word “lobbyist.”

The definition of a lobbyist is a group or person that analyzes regulation/regulatory proposals, attends congressional hearings, and informs government official about various matters of proposed legislation.

What do lobbyist have to do with safety, specifically, your safety? Legislators cannot know everything. However smart they are, there is no way for them to know everything about every topic they must pass laws and regulations over. That’s where lobbyist come in. One part of a lobbyist’s job is to be there to help inform legislators on a variety of topics, including those laws concerning product designs and safety regulations.

So where did lobbyists come from, how are they regulated, and who is spending the most money to hire the more than ten thousand lobbyists registered in Washington D.C.?

Listen in as Kevin King, counselor from Cline, King & King, discusses the history of lobbyist. Talking with John Foster on WCIS 1010 AM in Columbus, IN, King explores where lobbying developed, lobbyist regulation, spending for lobbyist, and some murkiness that surrounds lobbyist in the political arena.

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