Should I always look for a lawyer close to my location?

“Genius by geography” is not the criteria for selecting your lawyer. Cline, King & King, P.C. is willing to co-counsel cases throughout the United States.

Why is selecting a lawyer like selecting a family physician?

A lawyer must be willing to learn about you and your family as well as understand what you are going through as a result of your legal issue. You should be convinced that the lawyer is willing to understand you and not merely view you as a file.

Does the lawyer have the experience with your particular legal issue?

The experience of lawyers is based on several factors, including education, legal skill, and persistence. Although some states do not allow attorneys to state that they specialize in particular matters, it is important to ask the number of cases a lawyer has handled relating to your legal issue.

Does the lawyer have the commitment to your case?

Commitment to your case does not only involve time and financial resources. More importantly, it involves personal commitment to see your case to conclusion. Such things as compassion, loyalty, vigilance, strength, and connectivity are relationships we build with our clients.

How much will the legal process cost?

We will be happy to provide you with a free, no-obligation evaluation of your prospective personal injury claim.

We accept personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis because we understand families can be ruined, both physically and financially, when a loved one is seriously injured. Medical bills can mount quickly, and in many instances, the injured family member misses work because of the injuries, causing even greater financial hardship on the family. A contingency fee arrangement allows you and your family to receive assistance at a time you need it most.