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Why the Law Dogs?

Tegan and KylieA question we’ve come across now and again when we have new visitors to our office is “why are your dogs here?” The curiosity doesn’t surprise us as it’s not commonplace to find canines in a professional office setting.

Academic, poet, and writer Joseph Duemer once wrote, “There are some simple truths…and the dogs know what they are.” Dogs remind us of the important rules in life. They provide a positive atmosphere while undertaking intense legal work on behalf of people.

Plato (347 B.C. – 427 B.C.) supported the idea of a dog in every courtroom because he believed they could tell when someone was lying. Perhaps he was correct.

The Cline, King, & King (CKK) Law Dogs have been known to help our clients through difficult and stressful moments. They are vigilant, loyal, hardworking retrievers who come to the office every day. The Law Dogs are owned by employees of CKK.

Perhaps CKK was ahead of the curve in allowing dogs to come to the office daily. There is a nationwide movement for dogs to be included in trial proceedings to assist witnesses overcome the stress of the Courtroom. (Read more about this subject here.)

Get to know all of the Law Dogs from CKK, now in their third generation.