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Veterans Day and System Safety

Thank You From CKKIn remembering those individuals who served our country in the armed forces, did you know that system safety had its origins from the military?

During World War II, it was determined military aircraft was lost more to incidents unrelated to combat than in actual battle. Why did this occur? Analyses were undertaken to determine if systems could be designed better to prevent loss of life and/or serious property damage.

Later, in 1969, MIL-STD-882 was published. It provided guidance and outlined systematic understanding of safety. The concepts of MIL-STD-882 were not limited to military applications, but could be applied to systems impacting the lives of civilians.

In MIL-STD-882, it defined safety as “freedom from those conditions that can cause injury or death to personnel, damage to or loss of equipment or property.” As you remember those brave individuals who fought to preserve our freedom, also remember our military provided freedom for a safer society with development of system safety.

Thank you to all of our active and veteran service personnel for a free and safe society!